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Kid President helps President Obama spread word about White House 'Egg Roll'

White House / YouTube

When President Obama wants the attention of the nation's kids, he knows exactly who to turn to: Kid President.

In a promotional video for the upcoming White House Easter Egg Roll, the president calls on Kid President Robby Novak to inform his peers about the event. 

9-year-old Novak gained national attention — even paying a visit to TODAY — for his series of YouTube videos, in which he portrays a Kid President whose aim is to make the world less boring.

According to, the White House Easter Egg Roll is a tradition dating back to 1878 and has grown to become the largest event held on White House grounds. The Egg Roll not only includes the tradition of having children roll eggs on the White House lawn, but now also features live entertainment, sporting events and interactive cooking demonstrations. 

The free tickets for the White House Easter Egg Roll will be given out through an online lottery system which opened Monday morning. The lottery closes Feb. 25 at 10 a.m.

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