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The Lando Society thinks you belong among the clouds

The Lando Society is dedicated to spreading
The Lando Society is dedicated to spreadingThe Lando Society

Did you know that there's a society dedicated to preaching the word of Lando Calrissian? Yes, that Lando Calrissian — the cape-wearing, mustache-sporting, Cloud-City-governing, gambler-turned-good-guy from the

"Star Wars" movies.

Yeah, I didn't know The Lando Society existed either — at least not until a crowd of be-caped and mustachioed men and women marched through the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle Friday and Saturday chanting pro-Calrissian slogans, handing out fliers and preaching "peace, love and Lando."

According to their literature and their official website, The Lando Society is "the dedicated few who feel the call to spread the word and hope of Lando Calrissian, a great and noble man whose sacrifice and continuing devotion to his ideals illumine the world."

To these followers of the Lando Way, Cloud City is "the physical embodiment of Lando's teachings" and one of the ideals toward which they strive. And as Lando once told Princess Leia, so they preach to others: "You truly belong here with us among the clouds."

The Penny Arcade Expo, which continues through Sunday at the Washington State Convention Center, is a video game conference dedicated to gamers and geeks of all stripes. So it's not unusual to see attendees dressed up in the costumes of their favorite game characters. Still, The Lando Society's religious fervor and Calrissian dedication stood out in the crowd.

I caught a bit of the action here:

Alas, the members of the Lando Society didn't break character when I tried to get to the bottom of their PAX protest — which means they never really explained what it is precisely we should "never forget."

But it appears The Lando Society is doing more than just chanting confusing slogans at PAX. They're also asking gamers to sign a petition that they plan to send to BioWare — the developer behind the highly anticipated game "Star Wars: The Old Republic."

Apparently The Lando Society is disturbed by the game's lack of, well, Lando. After all, "The Old Republic" takes place more than 3,500 years before the events of the "Star Wars" movies. But that's no excuse. The Lando Society demands that one of Calrissian's early relatives appear in the game. (Sign up here if you too feel passionate about this inclusion.)

The Lando Society is also asking fans of the man to donate to one of actor Billy Dee Williams' favorite charities: St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

The Word of Lando definitely seems to be spreading. I couldn't help but notice that more and more of the faux mustaches have been showing up on PAX faces as the conference has progressed.

As one Lando Society testimonial put it: "May he and his mustache live in our hearts forever."

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