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More 2012: Election Day in Nebraska

NEBRASKA: The Lincoln Journal Star’s Walton has some questions about tonight’s GOP Senate primary: “Does Jon Bruning hold on to his lead?  Does Deb Fischer have enough of a final kick?  Does the vote splinter sufficiently to allow Don Stenberg's dependable core of supporters to ultimately rule the day? Where do the undecideds go? Fischer came on strong last week with Sarah Palin and Jeff Fortenberry and Joe Ricketts cheering her on in the Republican Senate race. Before Ricketts unleashed his weekend TV buy, Bruning looked back over his shoulder, saw Fischer coming and planted a negative TV ad in her path. If this were Vegas or NASCAR, you'd go with the leader. But this is a race where movement can occur under the surface, as it once did for Chuck Hagel and Mike Johanns and Fortenberry and Bob Kerrey.”