Pakistan’s Gawahi Christian TV Station Gutted in Fire

KARACHI, Pakistan — Fire gutted a Christian cable TV channel and completely destroyed the station's computers and broadcasting equipment, it's manager said.

The blaze broke out Tuesday at the offices of Gawahi Television in Karachi, Pakistan's largest city that boasts a sizable Catholic population.

Image: Gawahi Television
Remnants of the fire at the offices of Gawahi ("Witness") Television in Karachi on Tuesday. Danish Peter

"By the time I got to the office the fire was blazing and the police had to call the fire brigade to extinguish the fire before it spread," the station's owner Pastor Sarfraz William told NBC News on Friday. "All our equipment, our cameras and computers have been destroyed, there's nothing left."

Danish Peter, the station's 25-year-old director, said that the building's security cameras and footage were missing and its locks had been broken. He believes they were stolen before the fire broke out.

"The burning was later, the looting came first," he said.

Image: Gawahi Television
Staff and family members at the scene of the fire at the offices of of Gawahi Television in Karachi, which broke out on Tuesday. Danish Peter

Gawahi Television is an inter-denominational station with 15 employees: 12 Christians and three Muslims. It provides "24 hours of gospel programming, with six hours of fresh gospel airtime, and the rest are repeats, songs and services," according to Peter.

The channel was preparing its Christmas programming when the fire broke out but no one was hurt. Gawahi has launched an official complaint with the police.

NBC News was not able to immediately reach local police regarding the incident.