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Pics: Guns at a gun safety rally

After seeing last night's A block (video) about opponents of gun reform displaying guns to intimidate the other side, Donna sends these pics from Columbus, Ohio. She writes:

I took my 9 year old neighbor to a "Demand a Plan" at the City Hall here in Columbus, OH on February 23, 2013.  When I arrived, I noticed a man carrying a flag while walking up and down the sidewalk beside the area where the rally was being held.  It was not until about half way through that I noticed that the man had a gun slung across his shoulder.  Then I looked at a group of men standing on the sidewalk by the rally and saw that they too had guns visibly displayed on them.  After seeing your program about another gun safety rally with armed men roaming around, I thought I would send you these three photos.  This display of force is not an isolated incidence. 

You can read the local Columbus Dispatch report on the rally here. (Thanks for the pics, Donna. Everyone, you can upload pics and tip for us here, or on our Facebook page.)