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Police search for killer of 'Wild Dogg,' San Diego motorcycle club president

San Diego -- Police are looking for the gunman who fatally shot a San Diego motorcycle club leader outside the group’s clubhouse.

The shooting happened around 11 p.m. Friday. Police said a drive-by gunman fired several shots, killing 51-year-old Clyde Thompson Jr., the San Diego Chapter president of the Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club Nation. Thompson was known by his motorcycling nickname, "Wild Dogg.”

Police said Thompson and a friend were working on a motorcycle when a sport utility vehicle pulled up and a passenger opened fire. Thompson was pronounced dead at a hospital.

Detectives haven’t identified a motive for the shooting, police Lt. Ernie Herbert said, according to The Associated Press.

The Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club’s Facebook page had this post up Sunday:

"We continue to struggle to cope with the sobering reality that despite four decades of peaceful, non-violent existence and extensive community service contributions at 4280 Market Street, we awake this Mother's Day Sunday having suffered the cowardly, brutal assassination of a Black Sabbath M.C. President, Wild Dogg.

Wild Dogg's brothers want the world to know that he was a family man who loved to do things for others. He worked his way up from an "Honorary" member to becoming the President of the San Diego chapter. He led by example, rolling up his sleeves to accomplish menial tasks around the club because he felt that he wasn't better than anyone, he wouldn't ask a prospect to paint a wall that he wouldn't paint first himself. He took on the formidable task of leading the San Diego chapter forward after a difficult club split late last year. He was a responsible brother with big shoulders. He was simply a very nice person who did not deserve to be shot down in the street like a rabid dog.

Wild Dogg was a well respected leader and brought great credibility to the Mighty Black Sabbath M.C. Nation. He held himself to our highest standards in keeping with our bylaws, greatest traditions and his personal integrity.

Our brother Wild Dogg's martyrdom will never be forgotten."

According to the club’s Facebook page, Thompson is survived by his girlfriend and two daughters.

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On Saturday, witnesses told NBC 7 San Diego that the victim also went by the name "CJ."

According to witnesses, CJ was working on a friend’s bike and went outside to put his tools away when they heard gunshots. When witnesses went outside, they said they saw the victim lying on the ground.

Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club member Larry Blackman told NBC 7 San Diego that CJ was a “family man” and a “real nice guy.”

"He was well-loved and liked by everyone especially on the motorcycle side. I want him to be remembered as a real loving guy, family guy, brother and president of our club," said Blackman.

Blackman said Friday night was “Bike Night” at the clubhouse and the group of bikers were playing cards, dominoes and watching television when the shooting occurred. contributed to this story.

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