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Radcliffe says Pattinson had tougher rise to fame

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You have to hand it to Daniel Radcliffe, above left, and Robert Pattinson: they've both experienced incredible fame, yet they've made few missteps along the way (which is more than you can say for some of their peers). That's not to say it's been an entirely easy ride: Radcliffe did recently reveal that he struggled with drinking. Yet, in a recent interview with the The Hollywood Reporter, he says it's his British counterpart Pattinson who's had it harder.

"I had a very gradual easing in to the idea of fame, because I was doing the first two films back to back almost. So, while the whole 'Potter' film franchise was exploding, I was in studios filming and kind of unaware that this thing was going massive outside," Radcliffe said. "Whereas Rob, [he] was suddenly the most famous guy in the world. I think that’s a lot harder to deal with."

What do you think? Has Pattinson's rise to fame vis-a-vis "Twilight" been a more treacherous one than Radcliffe's? Take part in our vote.

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