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Report: Break-in at UK Labour leader's London offices

LONDON -- The London offices of Britain's Labour Party leader Ed Miliband were reportedly broken into on Friday evening, British police said.

Scotland Yard would only confirm to on Saturday that police were investigating reports of an apparent break-in. A spokesman declined to say which office was involved or whether there were any suspects.

But Britain's Telegraph newspaper reported that police forensic teams were searching rooms on the second floor of the Norman Shaw South Building, which is across the street from the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, for clues.

The paper said it was unclear what, if anything, was taken.

The offices belong to a suite of rooms used by Miliband and his shadow cabinet team, the Telegraph said. Miliband's staff reportedly found that a door had been forced.

When approached the Labour Party for comment, spokeswoman Eleanor Holmes said, "This is an ongoing police investigation and it would be inappropriate to comment."

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