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Reporting on the Bush Legacy

Before becoming the moderator of Meet the Press, David covered the White House for all eight years of the Bush Presidency. And he was back reporting on the former president’s legacy for NBC News this week, as all eyes turned to Dallas for the dedication of the new George W. Bush Presidential Library at Southern Methodist University…

On Nightly News tonight, David reported on the day that brought together the world’s most exclusive club -- all five living presidents -- for what was, at times, an emotional tribute to the 43rd president.

On MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports earlier today, David reflected on that poignant presidential moment when Bush addressed first responders at Ground Zero…

On TODAY, David joined Matt Lauer to discuss President Bush’s turn back the spotlight, reporting that the debate still rages over the former president’s legacy four years later.

Watch the video below for David’s Nightly News report on the most significant points of the Bush Presidency that he covered firsthand for eight years.

Plus, our special edition of PRESS Pass kicked off the week’s coverage, as David interviewed five of President Bush’s most trusted White House advisers.

And don’t miss David’s interview with one of the former president’s closest foreign allies, UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, on Meet the Press this Sunday.