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Romney: Is this heaven?

The top story in the Des Moines Register is about Romney’s visit there today. From the story: “Mitt Romney is scheduled to be in Iowa today for the first time since the GOP caucuses to talk about the federal deficit. Meanwhile, President Barack Obama intends to run a lengthy TV ad here cracking him on the head for killing jobs. The moves set the stage for a duel by the two leading candidates over their economic records — and Iowa is a main arena for the battle. That refocuses the campaigns on the expected main issue of the election, following a week in which social issues, including same-sex marriage and bullying, outshone the rest of the presidential campaign news.”

Romney has a new video out, posted online, with testimonials from people about how bad the economy is and how difficult it’s been for many. The three people in the video are from Iowa. “A lot of people around here, when Barack was running and all that, everyone believed, everyone had hope. They all thought, ‘Man, this guy’s gonna get something done. When he is in office, now it seems like nothing’s getting done. Seems like it’s all talk.” Iowa’s unemployment rate, however, is well below the national average at 5.2%.

“His nomination all but assured, Mitt Romney is set to inch closer to clinching the GOP presidential nomination with a presidential primary in Oregon,” the AP writes. “Oregon and Nebraska are taking their turns weighing in on the Republican race, though Nebraska's contest is little more than a beauty pageant.” Oregon has 25 delegates at stake.