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Some memes are not just equal

Turns out many of you have been seeing red on your newsfeeds this week, too! The Human Rights Campaign encouraged supporters of same-sex marriage to change their profile pictures to this red and pink equals sign.

And thousands of people listened. They are using this icon to show solidarity with those arguing for same-sex marriage in the Supreme Court this week. But nothing can be this prominent on the internet without inspiring parodies and variations, and this simple pink equals sign is no exception. Yesterday we brought you 10 great modifications of the symbol and asked you what you have seen out there in meme-land. Here are 17 more sent in by you!

ZombiEquality from Alva Goldbook:



Corgiquality, from Towse (and my brother Austin):


"Equality. The final frontier," from Fortytude (via the wonderful George Takei):


Don't Rush to Judgement (or ya know, do... ), from Vingram:


Angelina JoliEquality, from Vanessa:


Don't Passover Equality, from @ImtheQ:


United for Equality, from Olivia:


I Vant to Have Equality, from Jools64:



Pillow Talk Equality, from Susie Seidelman:


Let Equality Ring from Nora Fitzpatrick:


Bert and ErniEquality, from Jere Armen: 

Popping Bottles for Equality, from John De Fouw:
Daleks for Equality, from Laura Sperber:
This is What Marriage Equality Looks Like, from Jonathan Elyea:
Finally! from Laura Yeh:


And lastly, many of you sent us what has got to be the people's choice:

Paula Deen speaks for all of us.

Thank you for your submissions!