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Sunday's Show (May 13)

Happy Mother's Day! Today Chris shared his experience of raising a child and looked at how the government supports mothers and families. Also, a discussion about the political "mommy wars", "attachment parenting", and how parenting in the U.S. compares to parenting in other countries.

Joining Chris were:

Eve Ensler (@eveensler), Tony Award-winning playwright and author of The Vagina Monologues.

Michelle Goldberg (@michelleinbklyn), senior contributing writer for The Daily Beast/Newsweek and author of The Means of Reproduction.

Jamila Bey (@jbey), host of The Sex, Politics, and Religion Hour on the Voice of Russia Radio Network and contributor to the Washington Post blog "She the People". 

  Rep. Chellie Pingree (D-ME) (@chelliepingree), first woman elected to Maine's 1st congressional district.

Hannah Pingree,  Rep. Pingree's daughter and former Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives.

Katie Roiphe, contributor to Newsweek/Daily Beast and author of The Morning After: Sex, Fear and Feminism and Uncommon Arrangements.

:: Blogged by Brett Brownell (@brettbrownell), Up w/ Chris Hayes web & video producer ::