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Twitter forcing HTTPS on some users


We've said it over and over: It's a good idea for Twitter users to turn on HTTPS and access a more secure version of the micro-blogging service.

To understand just how serious that suggestion is, consider this: Twitter is now turning HTTPS on by default — for some users.

There are no details on just who those particular users are, but we certainly hope that Ashton Kutcher is among them. After all, the poor guy has once been the victim of a "hacking" incident which could've probably been prevented if only he had been a little bit more cautious.

Whether you're Kutcher or not, you should turn on HTTPS if Twitter hasn't done it for you:

To turn on HTTPS, go to your settings and check the box next to “Always use HTTPS,” which is at the bottom of the page. This will improve the security of your account and better protect your information if you’re using Twitter over an unsecured Internet connection, like a public WiFi network, where someone may be able to eavesdrop on your site activity. In the future, [Twitter hopes] to make HTTPS the default setting.

Do note that while the full site version of Twitter will always use HTTPS after this setting change, the mobile version of the site — found at — will not do so automatically. Users will have to manually change the link to 

Oh, and those who use third-party applications to access the service should also double-check that the apps support HTTPS.

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