Maine Sen. King to Undergo Surgery for Prostate Cancer

Independent Maine Sen. Angus King disclosed Monday that he will undergo surgery for prostate cancer once Congress breaks for its July 4 recess later this week.

King, 71, said he will have surgery on Friday to remove the cancer that was detected during his annual physical in April.

“In my case, the doctors found my cancer early. We have a plan to treat it, and plan for a full recovery,” King said in a statement. “So when you see me on the Senate floor in a couple of weeks, or during the August work period in Maine, or on the campaign trail in a couple of years, you will see that I’m back to work with as much energy and dedication to serving you that I promised nearly three years ago.”

King said he plans to return to work on July 7 when the Senate returns from recess and has already declared his intention to run for a second term in 2018.

“This does not my affect my intention to run for re-election, except my poor little prostate won’t be along for the ride,” he said.

King is already a cancer survivor. His was successfully treated for malignant melanoma 40 years ago. King’s office said the two cancers are not related.