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First Read's Morning Clips: Awkward

A roundup of the most important political news stories of the day
Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and others listen to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speak during the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner at Waldorf Astoria October 20 in New York City.BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI / AFP - Getty Images


Ali Vitali and Monica Alba sum up last night’s awkward Al Smith charity dinner.

The New York Times headline: “Donald Trump Heckled by New York Elite at Charity Dinner.”

And the Washington Post (oof): “At charity roast, Donald Trump delivered what might as well be a campaign eulogy.”

POLITICO reports that Trump’s national political director has “stepped back” from the campaign.

ICYMI, Trump yesterday: “"I will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election — if I win."

Is there a difference between what Al Gore said in 2000 and what Trump’s saying now? Zack Roth takes a look.

Charlie Cook in the National Journal: “Republican leaders are faced with a party in which about half of its members believe that compromise is a four-letter word and hold some pretty exotic views of what this country is and where it is headed – views that are very difference from where the country actually is and where it is going.”

From the Washington Post: “A wave of apprehension and anguish swept the Republican Party on Thursday, with many GOP leaders alarmed by Donald Trump’s refusal to accept the outcome of the election and concluding that it is probably too late to salvage his flailing presidential campaign. As the Republican nominee reeled from a turbulent performance in the final debate here in Las Vegas, his party’s embattled senators and House members scrambled to protect their seats and preserve the GOP’s congressional majorities against what Republicans privately acknowledge could be a landslide victory for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.”

Here’s our wrap of the September fundraising numbers.

Leigh Ann Caldwell notes that Trump has given money to James O’Keefe’s organization.

The League of Conservation Voters will spend $2.6 million to encourage millennials not to vote for Trump, NBC’s Alex Seitz-Wald reports.

The AP profiles Evan McMullin.

POLITICO looks at how Wikileaks is hurting Clinton with liberals.

The New York Times, on Clinton’s appeal to women in Wednesday night’s debate: “In her debate on Wednesday with Donald J. Trump, Hillary Clinton for the first time emerged as the clarion-voiced advocate for women whom many liberal women had been longing for — especially the younger voters she had largely left cold throughout the Democratic primaries.”

Barack Obama did not hold back in targeting Republicans who have backed Trump – particularly Marco Rubio.

The New York Times looks at door-to-door canvassing in the Nevada Senate race.