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Roberts Drops A-Bomb ("Amnesty!") on Orman

"Amnesty!" is a powerful label that Republican candidates often unleash when their backs are against the wall.

We’ve written before about how a path to citizenship - usually dubbed "amnesty” by GOP candidates -- is the A-bomb of political campaigns: It’s a powerful, often last-resort label that Republican candidates frequently unleash when their backs are against the wall.

Enter Pat Roberts, the Kansas incumbent who’s battling for his political life against independent Greg Orman.

His latest ad:

Here’s what Orman has said about supporting comprehensive immigration reform in the past:

“Our policy must be practical. It’s just not practical to say that we’re going to find and send back to other countries 11 million undocumented people. We’ve got whole industries in Kansas that would go away if we attempted to introduce such an unworkable policy. Towns like Dodge City and Garden City and much of the agricultural community in Kansas would be absolutely devastated.” -

“If you are here undocumented, you should register, pay a fine, obey our laws, hold down a job and pay taxes, and then I think you should be able to stay here,” - Kansas State Fair debate

- Carrie Dann