Who’s Spending the Most on 2016 TV Ads so Far?

Donald Trump: My tax plan ‘will be a rocket ship for the economy’ 5:20

Jeb Bush and the Super PAC supporting him are now the biggest spenders in the 2016 TV ad wars, according to the latest ad-spending data by NBC partner SMG Delta.

  • Team Bush: $5.4 million ($5 million from the Right to Rise Super PAC, $400K from the campaign)
  • Team Kasich: $4.9 million (all in New Hampshire)
  • Team Clinton: $4.1 million (all from the campaign)
  • Team Rubio: $3.9 million (all from the 501c4 group Conservative Solutions PAC)
  • Team Christie $2.9 million (all in New Hampshire)
  • Team Jindal: $2.5 million (all in Iowa)

Who isn't spending? Or is barely spending?

  • Trump: $0
  • Sanders: $0
  • Fiorina: $3,315
  • Carson: $400,000

Total TV spending in the 2016 presidential race so far: $31 million.

At this point in the 2012 race, total spending was $20 million.