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Hillary Clinton Camp on Emails Report: More 'Overclassification Run Amok'

Clinton's presidential campaign on Sunday morning pushed back against reports that over 100 emails sent from her private serve were "classified."
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Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign on Sunday morning pushed back against a new report that claims that over 100 emails on a private network server she used while secretary of state are marked as "classified."

"Clinton wrote 104 emails ... that the government has since said contain classified information," the Washington Post reported late Saturday, based on "new analysis of publicly released correspondences."

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On Sunday morning a Clinton campaign official told NBC News: "Critics will argue that this story undercuts Clinton's argument that SHE never sent classified information. It's important to point out that this is an analysis of information that has already been made public ... this is yet another example of 'overclassification run amok.'"

The "run amok" line is also how Clinton press secretary Brian Fallon responded to a similar story in January about certain emails being deemed "top secret."

The campaign insisted: "These upgrades were after-the-fact."

The State Department last Monday released the 14th and final batch of emails from Clinton's private server, bringing the total to more than 52,000 including 2,100 that were censored or withheld completely for containing information now deemed classified.

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