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Comedian convinces 13 celebs to let him sleep over

Fish and visitors overstay their welcome within three days; New York-based comedian Mark Malkoff only wanted to see if he could take advantage of random celebrities' good nature by staying over at their homes for a single night.

Malkoff got 13 celebs to say "yes," including Justine Bateman, who lets him stay in her treehouse; Camryn Manheim, who lets him snooze with her Emmy; Kate Walsh, who put on her own matching P.J.s and crawled in bed with him (he called his wife to give her the heads-up and Walsh assures her it's OK because "I'm not attracted to him at all"); and "Bridesmaids" director Paul Feig, who gives him the patio, then refers him to Rob Corddry, who turns him down.

"You're really good, actually, at napping at celebrities' homes," Steven Weber tells him.

As Malkoff sums up, "Most celebrities with the exception of Rob Corddry are really nice people. I also learned that annoying persistence can get you a free place to crash."

OK, your turn! What celebrity would you want to have a sleepover with? (Strictly platonic, of course: They're not attracted to you at all, remember.) Tell us on Facebook.

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