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'Jurassic Park' dinosaurs will roar back in 2015

IMAGE: Jurassic Park
The dinosaurs ofUniversal Pictures

Forget "Sharknado" and "Ghost Shark." Those toothy critters are nothing compared to the spitting, smashing dinosaurs of "Jurassic Park," which are being revived from extinction in 2015.

Universal announced Wednesday that the upcoming film in the devastating dino series will be titled "Jurassic World," and it will stomp its way into theaters on June 12, 2015. That's one year later than the original announcement had it slated, but fans will take it.

Steven Spielberg will be producing once again, with Colin Trevorrow ("Safety Not Guaranteed") directing.

And if you remember the "Jurassic" Jeep-mirror warning from the first movie — objects in mirror are going to be a whole heckuva lot closer than they appear. "Jurassic World" will be in 3-D.

No cast names or plot details have yet been released. But of course, there are rumors. (Possible spoilers ahead.) is reporting that "Jurassic World" will be a SeaWorld-style theme park with tamed dinosaurs, some of whom swim -- and that a new-to-the-series dinosaur will wreak havoc against its domesticated brethren. Kind of like when Arnold Schwarzenegger came back as the good Terminator to protect the humans this time around.

The original 1993 film, based on Michael Crichton's best-selling book, was a huge blockbuster and for a time held the title of highest-grossing film worldwide.