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You don't see clouds like this very often.

A group of storm chasers captured this video of a surreal, monstrous-looking thunderstorm cloud that spun menacingly over eastern Wyoming on Sunday.

The dramatic time-lapse video taken by Basehunters shows the eerie formation and dissipation of a rare kind of thunderstorm known as a supercell near Newcastle, Wyo.

According to the National Weather Service:

"Supercells are highly organized storms characterized (by) updrafts that can attain speeds over 100 miles per hour, able to produce extremely large hail and strong and/or violent tornadoes, downdrafts that can produce damaging outflow winds in excess of 100 mph — all of which pose a high threat to life and property."

This particular supercell seems to have died down without causing significant damage.

Norman, Okla.-based Basehunters also tweeted a dramatic photo of this fascinating force of nature.

— James Eng, NBC News