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How to pack a suitcase like Marie Kondo

Is your suitcase usually a mess? Marie Kondo shows us her method for packing a perfectly organized suitcase.

Does your pre-trip ritual usually include tossing clothes, shoes and toiletries into a suitcase and then sitting on it as you struggle with the zipper? Organizer extraordinaire Marie Kondo says there’s a much better way.

If you’re headed out of town for a long weekend, follow this simple process to fold and neatly pack everything you’re taking with you. Not only will you be able to fit much more into a carry on (saving you those dreaded checked bag fees), but you may just have some room to spare for a few souvenirs.

1. Collect all the clothes you plan to take.

Everything from shirts and pants, to undergarments and accessories.

2. Fold everything using the KonMari method

Tops: Whether you’re packing T-shirts or sweaters, this method words for all tops. Lay the top flat and fold ¼ into the center. Repeat on other side. Fold in half, and then fold over on itself until you get a rectangle.

Bottoms: Fold one leg over the other. Fold in half lengthwise, and then fold over on itself until you get a rectangle.

Smaller items: Sports bras, bathing suits, tank tops, underwear and other small items such as socks can all be folded in a similar way.

Put shoes and toiletries in small travel pouches. We also love having an extra on hand to keep all dirty laundry contained in one place. Here are a few options we found:

3. Pack your suitcase.

Put in large items, like pants and sweaters, first. Then add in smaller items. Think: tank tops, underwear, etc. Save room for your shoes and toiletry bag.

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