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The best ice trays on Amazon for perfect cubes

Here are the best hassle-free options for making ice cubes in endless shapes and sizes.
The size and shape of an ice cube is critical to creating a balanced drink, says world-renowned mixologist Brian Van Flandern.
The size and shape of an ice cube is critical to creating a balanced drink, says world-renowned mixologist Brian Van Flandern.Amazon

The days when your ice cubes pop out of the tray, cracked or misshapen are over. Ice cube trays today are anything but traditional: They’re made from materials such as silicone and BPA-free plastic, or both, and are available in several shapes and sizes: Need small cubes to fit into your water bottle? A large sphere to keep your bourbon cold without diluting it? A tall stick for a highball? A novelty shape for a theme party? No problem — the choices are endless.

So whether you’re an aspiring mixologist passionate about making fancy cocktails or simply want some practical ice trays to make life easier, you’ve got plenty of options.

We spoke to master mixologist and creative cocktail consultant Brian Van Flandern to find out what to consider when shopping for an ice cube tray. Below is a list of top-rated options available on Amazon that align with his expert guidance.

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Our top picks:

How we picked the best ice cube trays

To pick the best ice trays, we kept the following in mind. Each tray also has a 4.2-star average rating from at least 800 reviews on Amazon.

Size and shape of cubes: Cubes that are large, such as 2- by 2-inch cubes or spheres, melt slowly, so your drink stays cold longer without getting diluted. Ice that is less dense, like pebble ice, crescents or hollow tubes, melt quickly, weakening beverages, says Van Flandern. We included ice trays that make large cubes for drinks that should be sipped slowly, as well as trays that create small cubes that fit into water bottles.

Quality material: Not all silicone is created equally. Be sure to look for food-grade silicone, a nontoxic polymer that does not contain any petroleum-based chemicals, BPA, BPS or fillers, which can be harmful to your health, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Make sure to also look for the BPA-free label when purchasing plastic trays. Steel trays are nontoxic and also eco-friendly. Leakproof: Some trays we picked come with airtight lids so no water can escape.

Stackability. All our chosen ice trays are stackable to help those with limited freezer space.

Best ice cube trays on Amazon

Below, we compiled highly rated ice cube trays across various price points and in line with expert guidance. Each item is either BPA-free or made of food-grade silicone and all are dishwasher-safe. In addition, we included a stainless-steel tray as an eco-friendly alternative.

Best for extra-small ice cubes: Arrow

Arrow Small Ice Cube Trays

4.3-star average rating from over 10,000 Amazon reviews

This three-pack of BPA-free plastic ice cube trays create ice cubes small enough to fit into water bottles, according to the brand. Each tray makes 60 small, round-bottom cubes and they’re stackable, so they take up minimal space in your freezer. The ice pops out with one twist, and the trays are break-resistant, according to the brand.

Best for standard ice cubes: Doqaus and W&P Peak

Doqaus Silicone 4-Pack

4.6-star average rating from over 37,000 Amazon reviews

These BPA-free silicone ice trays are made with polypropylene to provide more rigidity, making them easy to transport, according to Doqaus. This four-pack makes 56 cubes in all (14 cubes in each tray), which release easily by pushing up from the bottom, according to the brand. Each tray also comes with a lid to prevent spills and freezer odors.

W&P Peak Silicone Everyday Ice Tray

4.6-star average rating from over 2,200 Amazon reviews

This tray has a silicone-wrapped steel interior rim, which provides stability for easy filling and transport, according to the brand. It also has a raised lip to prevent spills. The BPA-free silicone tray makes a dozen 1.25-inch cubes, the standard size for most cocktails, according to Van Flandern. It also includes a lid to prevent freezer odors and allows for stacking.

Best for round ice cubes: Wibimen

Wibimen Round Ice Cube Tray with Lid and Bin

4.6-star average rating from over 11,000 Amazon reviews

Made of food-grade BPA-free plastic, the Wibimen comes with two trays that each make 33 ice balls. You can release ice easily by twisting the tray, according to the brand. They also come with lids, so they’re stackable and will ward off any freezer odors, according to Wibimen. The included ice bin can hold up to 200 ice balls and comes with a scoop for serving.

Best for big ice cubes: Adoric

Adoric Large Square and Sphere Tray Set

4.4-star average rating from over 20,000 Amazon reviews

If you want to sip on an ice-cold cocktail but don’t want it to quickly dilute, a jumbo cube is the way to go, according to Van Flandern. Made of BPA-free nonstick silicone, this set contains two molds, each with six compartments to make either 1.8-inch spheres or 2-inch-square cubes that release easily by twisting or pushing on the bottom, according to the brand. It is also safe for freezing other options, like juice, soup, sauces, ice pops and baby food, according to Adoric.The molds have lids to prevent spilling and each tray is also stackable.

Best stainless-steel ice tray: Ecozoi

Ecozoi Stainless-Steel Two-Pack with Easy-Release Handle

4.2-star average rating from over 800 Amazon reviews

Metal trays are not only an eco-friendly alternative to plastic and silicone but are also “nostalgic,” says Van Flandern. “These are the ones our grandmothers had.” This food-grade dishwasher-safe tray has an easy-release handle that pops out the cubes, according to the brand. It comes with a metal rack so both trays stack above one another to occupy less freezer space. This set also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Best novelty ice trays: Rottay, Genuine Fred and Tifanso

Rottay Rose Ice Cube Tray

4.6-star average rating from over 1,200 Amazon reviews

This food-grade silicone mold makes 2.5-inch rose-shaped ice cubes, which melt slowly and evenly, keeping your drinks cold and undiluted down to the last sip, says Van Flandern. Each rose mold has a hole on top to fill water through, and a tightly sealed lid to keep anything from spilling. The ice roses release easily with a gentle squeeze, according to the brand.

Genuine Fred Coolimari Octopus Ice Tray

4.3-star average rating from over 1,300 Amazon reviews

This food-grade silicone tray makes four octopus-shaped ice cubes that are 1 ⅝ inches high by ¾ inches deep. The shapes also remove easily from the flexible mold by pushing up from the bottom, according to the brand.

Tifanso Skull Ice Cube Tray

4.4-star average rating from over 1,500 Amazon reviews

Made of food-grade silicone, this tray makes four realistic-looking skulls that are 1 inch wide and 1.5 inches high. A lid is included to prevent odors and tastes from penetrating the cubes, and the top of each skull mold has a hole in which a funnel can be used to fill the tray with water. Because of the cube size, the skulls melt slowly, ensuring your drink stays cold longer, says Van Flandern. The skull molds can also be filled with melted chocolate, jello, soap, candles and cake pops and are oven- and microwave-safe.

How to shop for ice cube trays

When considering an ice cube tray, Van Flandern recommends keeping the following in mind.

Freezer space. “Ideally, you want to make sure you have enough space in your freezer to fit the width, length and height of your trays,” says Van Flandern. You can also opt for stackable trays or ones with an airtight lid so you can position the tray sideways without leakage, according to him.

Cube size and shape. Cubes are no longer one-size-fits-all, says Van Flandern, explaining that size determines dilution. “The larger the ice cube, the slower it melts,” he says. “Smaller, 1¼-inch cubes are ideal for cocktails, but if you’re doing a bourbon, using a large 2- by 2-inch cube ensures the last sip is as balanced and delicious as that first sip.” When it comes to shapes, silicone offers more options while plastic creates a good standard cube, according to Van Flandern.

Quality material. It’s important to buy trays that are non-toxic, says Van Flandern. Most silicone trays on the market today are food-grade, meaning they don’t contain any chemical fillers, which could penetrate the ice. However, some plastic trays may contain BPA, which is an industrial chemical that can leach into the cubes and possibly cause adverse health effects, according to the CDC. Be sure to note whether the plastic trays are BPA-free, says Van Flandern. As far as durability, silicone is not prone to cracking, which can sometimes happen with plastic. Metal offers an eco-friendly alternative to both silicone and plastic and is also free of toxins, he says.

Easy-release. “Silicone is so flexible, you can literally push the ice cubes out one at a time and the mold just pops back into its original form,” says Van Flandern. “The advantage of plastic is that you twist and the cubes come out all at once.”

Easy transport. Some silicone trays can be flimsy, making it difficult to maneuver without spilling, according to Van Flandern. Check to see what the tray is made of, as some contain polypropylene or have a silicone-coated steel rim to add durability. Stackable trays also make it easier to transport multiple trays at one time.

Spillage. Trays that have wide or high edges help prevent overfilling and spills during transport. Airtight lids also let you position trays at an angle or sideways to fit into your freezer if you have limited space, according to some of the brands we chose. Lids also prevent ice cubes from picking up odors from other foods in the freezer, says Van Flandern.

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Brian Van Flandern is a master mixologist and creative cocktail consultant who designs craft cocktail lists for hotels, restaurants and resorts in over 50 countries. He also trains staff in the art of mixology and spirits education and is author of “Vintage Cocktails.”

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