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Instant Pot launches new air purifiers: What you should know

Instant Pot, known for its line of kitchen appliances, unveiled its first-ever line of affordable air purifiers that start at $130.
Instant Air Purifiers
Here’s what to know about Instant Pot’s new air purifiers.Amazon

Instant Pot, known for its popular air fryers and pressure cookers, launched its own line of air purifiers. Notably, it’s the first time the company has released a non kitchen-related product, according to a press release announcing the launch. Currently, the line includes the Instant Large Air Purifier and the Instant Small Air Purifier along with replacement filters (although these are out of stock right now). Each purifier is designed for different sized spaces — the large for a living room and the small for an office or den.

Instant Pot’s smart purifiers include a “coming soon” medium-sized model for kitchens and bedrooms, too, but the brand doesn’t mention when it will be released. The purifiers are only available at Amazon at the moment as Instant Home is sold out (you can sign up for a back-in-stock email, however) — they will be available at other retailers in coming weeks, according to the brand.

Notably, Instant Pot claims that its purifiers remove 99.9 percent of the virus that causes Covid-19 from treated air. Like other air purifiers, these models target particles like bacteria and allergens that are in a room — indoor air pollution can come from cooking and dust, too. The purifiers feature a three-in-one filtration system that includes a HEPA filter, a carbon filter layer to reduce odors and an antimicrobial coating to protect the filter from degrading, the brand says.

Everything to know about Instant Pot’s new air purifiers

Each size of the purifiers come in two colors: Charcoal and Pearl. The following are a few features you’ll find on both of Instant Pot’s new air purifiers.

  • A sensor that monitors the quality of the air and automatically adjusts the purifier's fan speed
  • A display that can tell you the quality of air through different colors and when filters need to be replaced with an alert
  • A day-to-night quiet mode that turns the display panel off and lessens the purifier’s noise level

Instant Large Air Purifier

The large model is designed for spaces as large as 388 square feet and comes in Pearl and Charcoal.

Instant Small Air Purifier

The small model is designed for spaces as large as 126 square feet and comes in Pearl and Charcoal.