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New & Notable from Anker and Therabody

Also: Target partners with ThredUp to test secondhand clothing market, and Lululemon announces trade-in and resale option for leggings, tops and jackets.
New releases include Anker’s latest portable power station and Therabody’s facial massage gun.
New releases include Anker’s latest portable power station and Therabody’s facial massage gun. Anker ; TheraBody

Aligned with the Earth Day (April 22), we keep seeing announcements in the environmentally-conscious lane: Target announced yesterday it has partnered with ThredUp to sell gently used clothing for up to 90 percent off. The partnership includes hundreds of thousands of women’s and kid’s items from Target’s brands, as well as national brands curated by ThredUp. Lululemon is also working its way into the secondhand market. On April 22, Lululemon will debut “Like New,” a trade-in and resale option for its gently used leggings, tops and jackets. When you bring in your used Lululemon clothing, you’ll receive a gift card to use at any of its U.S. stores.

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Billie Eilish has announced a partnership with Nike to reimagine some classic Nike silhouettes with environmentally-conscious materials, to launch on April 25 — including the ever-popular Air Force One. If you’re looking to focus on more environmentally friendly products this spring otherwise, we’ve previously discussed Climate Neutral’s certification as well as how to shop for mattresses that use organic cotton, latex, Tencel and organic wool to help alleviate their environmental impact. We’ve also reviewed the American Express Green Card for eco-minded travelers. And our colleagues at Shop TODAY recommended a handful of sustainable products to shop, from scrubbers to nail lacquer.

Anker launches longest-lasting portable power station (preorder)

Anker debuted its latest 757 PowerHouse power station — its longest-lasting model, according to the company. It has a massive 1229WH internal battery that equips 13 ports: one car outlet, two USB-C ports (great for your smartphone or laptop, for instance), four USB-A ports and six AC outlets. The brand says the PowerHouse can recharge your smartphone 97 times or keep a 45W portable fridge charged for 22 hours. It also comes with a 5-year warranty.

Anker is offering an early bird special for the power station, which means you can spend $10 now with a preorder to get $200 off the 757 PowerHouse, if you buy it in full between May 9 (when it officially launches) and May 19 via Amazon’s or Anker’s websites.

Therabody releases massage gun for your face

Percussive therapy device purveyor Therabody has launched its first product designed specifically for the face, the TheraFace Pro. We got a chance to check out the TheraFace Pro during a showcase. It’s about 6 inches long and weighs just over half a pound. Its base — what you’ll hold — is about an inch-and-a-half wide, easy to grip and maneuver.

The value of the TheraFace, which essentially gives you a base that vibrates with variations of speed, comes down to its attachments: percussive therapy, microcurrent and LED light therapy.

  1. The percussive therapy attachments are meant to relieve tension in the face, jaw, neck and head, Therabody says
  2. The microcurrent attachment focuses on firming and tightening skin
  3. The light therapy attachment is meant to help to reduce wrinkles or acne

Adjusting the speed at which each attachment vibrates allows you to control how intense you want your “treatment” across functions. It also comes with a handy timer — a beep every 15 seconds — that indicates how long you’ve been working on a certain part of your face, in case you get lost in your daydreams.

We’ve previously looked into Therabody’s massage guns, which use a similar percussive therapy, in our guide to massage guns recommended by experts — the TheraFace Pro is designed to be gentler, of course, to handle your facial skin.

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