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5 highly rated TVs for the big game 2022

You may need to upgrade your entertainment center for the biggest football Sunday of the year.
If you’re looking to upgrade your TV for the big game, check out these models from Sony, TCL, Vizio and more.
If you’re looking to upgrade your TV for the big game, check out these models from Sony, TCL, Vizio and more.Morsa Images / Getty Images ; Amazon

With streaming services taking over television and providing easy access to your favorite shows from your laptop and phone, big-screen TVs might seem obsolete. But there are a few events a year that make a gigantic, high-definition TV worth it.

A big game is one of those, and since there’s one coming up soon, it may be time to reevaluate your living room situation. And since many households will be having large gatherings, the big game means a big TV (or at least as large a TV as your circumstances allow). So we’ve gathered a list of several TVs available in large screen sizes to help upgrade your viewing experience.

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How to pick the right TV screen size

TV screen size measurements are taken diagonally across the screen — once you know the screen size, tech expert Whitson Gordon suggested this rule of thumb for picking the best TV size for your space:

  • Measure the length in inches between your screen and where you sit to watch it.
  • Divide that number by two.

The resultant number should be the ideal screen size for your room. For example, my screen is about 10 feet, or 120 inches from where I sit in my living room, so I should look for a TV that’s around 60 inches diagonally. My current TV is just 50 inches, though, so I might follow our own guidance below for an upgrade.

Highly rated big TVs for the big game

To help you find a great TV to watch sports on, we rounded up these highly rated TVs based on our previous coverage and our staff’s personal experience.

LG A1 Class 4K Smart OLED TV

We previously noted LG as a brand known for their high-end OLED TVs in our guide to TV brands. This smart TV from LG has an OLED display and 4K resolution. According to LG, it has an AI-powered processor that automatically adjusts your picture and sound. It has Cinema High Dynamic Range (or HDR, which means greater contrast between bright and dark colors), Dolby Atmos (i.e., enhanced surround sound), Dolby Vision IQ (which automatically adjusts brightness based on the light in your room) and both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant built in. It’s available in 48-, 55-, 65- and 77-inch screen sizes. It comes with an average rating of 4.7 stars from over 200 reviews.

Samsung Class Neo QLED QN90A Series TV

We mentioned Samsung in our guide to TV brands and called the brand good for rooms with a lot of light because of the brightness of its pictures. This TV from Samsung is available in 43-, 50-, 55-, 65-, 75-, 85- and 98-inch sizes and features a QLED display with 4K resolution. It also has Quantum HDR and comes equipped with the Tizen Smart TV platform. It also has Google Assistant, Bixby and Amazon Alexa built in. It has an average rating of 4.6 stars from over 800 reviews.


When we featured Sony in our guide to TV brands, we highlighted the brand’s smooth motion for sports and movies and great color accuracy — that’s a good start. This TV from Sony has a Full Array LED display, with 4K resolution and High Dynamic Range. It uses the Google TV Smart TV platform and works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice assistants. It comes in 50-, 55-, 65-, 75- and 85-inch sizes. The TV has an average rating of 4.6 stars from over 1,100 reviews.

TCL 5-Series Smart TV

Select editor Justin Krajeski recommended this TV from TCL, a brand that we noted for its value in our guide to TV brands. This TCL TV has 4K resolution and has Dolby Vision HDR included. It has a QLED display and uses the Roku Smart TV Platform. The TV is available in 50-, 55-, 65- and 75-inch screen sizes. It has an average rating of 4.6 stars from over 5,400 Amazon reviews.

Vizio 65-Inch Class V-Series Smart TV

We featured Vizio in our guide to TV brands, highlighting them for models that are basic but feature good performance. This V-Series TV comes with 4K resolution, Dolby Vision HDR (as well as support for HDR10 and HLG, both forms of High Dynamic Range) and has Chromecast built in. It comes in 50-, 55-, 58-, 65-, 70- and 75-inch sizes. The TV has an average rating of 4.5 stars from more than 270 reviews on Best Buy.

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