Huge Ice Sculptures Emerge as China Gears Up for Ice Festival

Workers were busy putting last minute touches to the ice sculptures at Harbin Ice and Snow World a day before the 32nd Festival begins.

Large ice sculptures at Harbin ice and snow world, one day before the opening of the 32th Festival in Harbin city, Heilongjiang province, China on Jan. 4 2016. WU HONG / EPA
A large sculpture depicting a building is seen. The festival will run between Jan. 5 and Feb. 5, attracting both foreign and local visitors to experience the ice and the snow. WU HONG / EPA
Workers carve ice art work in preparation for the festival. WU HONG / EPA
Workers polish an ice sculpture ahead of the festival. The festival features elaborate LED light displays. ALY SONG / Reuters
A large snow sculpture is seen. The annual Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival is Harbin's main tourist highlight. ALY SONG / Reuters
A worker carves an ice art work. WU HONG / EPA
People look around ice sculptures ahead of the Festival. ALY SONG / Reuters
Ice sculptures are seen. WU HONG / EPA
A worker polishes an ice sculpture. ALY SONG / Reuters
Visitors view ice sculpture works. WU HONG / EPA