Today in Pictures: Libyan Forces Battle ISIS and More

Italians build a human tower, Filipino pirates board ship and more images from around the world.

'Castellers' form a human tower during the traditional Merce Fiestas at Saint Jaume square in Barcelona.

A UD Las Palmas supporter sits on the stand prior to the La Liga match between UD Las Palmas and Real Madrid CF in Las Palmas, Spain. David Ramos / Getty Images
A fighter from Libyan forces allied with the U.N.-backed government aims his weapon as he takes a position on a building rooftop during a battle with Islamic State militants in Sirte, Libya. ISMAIL ZETOUNY / Reuters
A woman dries unhusked rice on a road in front of her home in Kampong Thom province, Cambodia. SAMRANG PRING / Reuters
Australian jouster Luke Binks has a lance break off his body during the jousting tournament at the St. Ives Medieval Fair in Sydney, one of the largest of its kind in Australia. JASON REED / Reuters

A Filipino climbs on an anchor chain of a cargo ship docked at the country's main seaport in Manila, Philippines. According to the International Maritime Bureau's latest sea crimes data, Southeast Asia recently accounts for the majority of seafaring attacks globally, surpassing the Horn of Africa.



Pirates in Southeast Asia are increasingly hijacking ships, oil tankers and tugboats, stealing their cargoes, robbing their crew and kidnapping them for ransom, according to data from the International Chamber of Commerce's report.

Participants take part in an extreme run "Adrenaline Fest 2016" near the village of Borok, Belarus. VASILY FEDOSENKO / Reuters

The Pioneer Team, a civil aerobatic team from Italy, let off fireworks from their Pioneer 330 aircrafts during the Malta International Airshow off in Malta.