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Majority of Latinos Reject VP Pick Mike Pence's Immigration, LGBT Stance

Polling numbers continue to look bleak for the Trump campaign among Latinos throughout the Republican convention in Cleveland.
Indiana Governor and Republican Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence
Indiana Governor and Republican Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence speaks during the third day of the 2016 Republican National Convention at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, 20 July 2016.SHAWN THEW / EPA

CLEVELAND — Polling numbers during the Republican convention are still painting a bleak outlook for Donald Trump among Latinos.

The Latino Victory Project and Fusion sponsored a tracking poll of Latino sentiment following each day of the convention in an attempt to measure how Hispanics are responding to an event meant to unify the party and welcome voters in.

Instead, the tracking poll conducted by Latino Decisions shows a significant negative response to the Republicans and no movement in favorability for Trump among Latinos.

In the third tracking poll, the addition of Mike Pence as his running mate has not helped Trump expand his shrinking tent. When asked, 84 percent of Latinos said Pence's immigration record, which includes his sponsorship of a bill denying citizenship to children born in the U.S. to undocumented parents and his congressional vote to block undocumented immigrants from accessing hospital care when he served in Congress makes them less likely to vote for Donald Trump in November.

Eight seven percent said they were less likely to vote for Pence due to his support for Indiana legislation allowing businesses to refuse to serve LGBT customers as well as prior opposition to federal legislation that would have made it illegal for employers to discriminate against LGBT employees.

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The central message for the Trump campaign has been to “Make American Great Again," but the poll results show Latinos strongly disagree that Trump can do so, with 83 percent saying he has made the country more divided. This has also had a negative impact on the image of the party, with 79 percent of Latinos polled saying that the GOP can be described as dangerous.

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