Fort Hood Shooting

Wife of Fort Hood Suspect Grilled By Cops All Night

NBC News made contact with the family of the man military officials identify as the gunman in the Fort Hood shooting.

At the address believed to be Ivan Lopez's apartment in Killeen,Texas, a woman answered the door Thursday morning.

When asked if she was the wife of the gunman, she nodded, but did not answer.

She said: "I'm sorry. I don't feel well. I've been talking to police all night."

A short time later, family members came to the apartment and escorted her to an unknown location.

Lopez moved into an apartment complex in Killeen, Texas, about three weeks ago with his wife and young daughter, neighbors told NBC News affiliate KXAS in Dallas-Fort Worth.

"They seemed real sweet," said neighbor Xanderia Morris.

Morris said when Lopez's name was announced on TV news reports, his wife came out of her apartment hysterical. Morris said she comforted her until authorities arrived a short time later and escorted her away.

— Gabe Gutierrez