Ukraine Crisis

State Department Is Preparing Sanctions Against Russia

The State Department is preparing sanctions against Russia and will apply them if Moscow continues on its current course with respect to Ukraine, State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki told reporters on a conference call Monday.

“These reports today of threats of force against Ukrainian military installations would, if true, in our view constitute a dangerous escalation of the situation for which we would hold Russia directly responsible,” Psaki told reporters.

“If they continue on the path they're taking, including, you know, the steps they've taken in Crimea, the steps the military has taken, all of the issues that we've expressed concerns about, we will continue to take steps on our own," Psaki said.

She added that sanctions are not the only option on the table.

“We have a broad range of options available. As you know, we're looking at the best way to hold people accountable.”

Psaki added, “The question, is, what are the most appropriate steps? What is the best way to hold people accountable and send the economic messages we need to send, send the political messages we need to send?”