Charge Up: 5 Gadgets to Power Your Phone

We have all experienced it: anxiously sending a final text or email before the battery drains to zero. Never get stranded again with these five gadgets for recharging your smartphone.

Mophie Power Pack

Mophie Powerstation Plus — This week, Mophie released its most powerful portable battery packs yet, with the top model able to provide eight full charges. Each one also features built-in power cables. ($79.95 to $149.95)

Goal Zero Solar Charger Kit — Can't stop using your phone, but want to save electricity? Just connect the portable Switch 8 recharger to the solar panel and bring it along for extra juice. ($99.95)

ENERGI Power Case — Portable chargers are great — when they aren't left at home. This iPhone case provides power for an extra nine hours of talk time. ($99.99)

Xoo Belt

XOO Belt — This flexible, water-proof battery comes attached to a discrete cable, perfect for charging a phone in your pocket. It also features tested keeping-your-pants-up technology.(Pre-order)

reVOLT USB Car Charger — The one upside of getting stuck in traffic: at least you have time to charge your phone. ($24.99)

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— Keith Wagstaff