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Got $1,500? Google Glass on Sale for One Day Only in U.S.

Typically, users have to be invited to buy the device. But, for today only, it's on sale to the general public.
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The most talked about product of the nascent wearable era is available to the general consumer — but only today.

Google Glass is a wearable computer with a head-mounted display that lets users take photos and video, search the Web, and use apps. It responds to voice commands.

Typically, users have to be invited to buy the device. But, for today only, it's on sale to the general public for $1,500.

Google Glass has its critics. They complain about the design of the Internet-connected eyewear; they raise privacy concerns; they don't want to be recorded without their consent.

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But fans say the eyewear gives them a hands-free way to connect with the world around them, and even has the potential to become their all-in-one device.
"The day when I stop reaching for my phone at all is when it becomes the ultimate device for me. It isn't that much more to get there—a few more apps, a bit better hardware when it comes to the battery. But it's close. Once it gets to that level then you don't have your phone anymore. It replaces it," said Avi Kushlan, a Google Glass user.

Up until now, you had to be a so-called explorer to buy it. Potential users are referred to the program by friends. Explorers can pay for the device through Google Wallet—the online payment service—and then show up at a Google campus, where they're wined and dined for an hour with free food and beer as they're taught how to use the device. Google says there are now more than 10,0000 explorers.

So what does the device mean for Google's bottom line?

Not much, financial analysts say. Instead, the real benefit of Google Glass is reminding investors and consumers that the tech giant is capable of being innovative and forward-thinking.

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"We think the stock has benefited from the perceptions associated with the company in part related to projects like Google Glass which gives people a sense that Google is much more than a digital search company at this point," said Scott Kessler, of S&P Capital IQ.

What if you order it today and are disappointed with the device? No worries. You have 30 days to return it.

— Mark Berniker and Josh Lipton, CNBC