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By Devin Coldewey

Solar chargers are appealing, but they can also be bulky and heavy. Not the case with Solar Paper, a new project seeking funds on Kickstarter to commercialize what sponsors claim is the thinnest and lightest solar panel for your phone or camera.

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It's about as wide and tall as a big smartphone like an iPhone 6+ or Galaxy Note 4, but only 1.5 millimeters thin — that's "stick of gum" territory. It's thin enough to fit between the pages of a notebook or planner — just unfold the panels and plug in your phone to start charging. Of course, you'll want to be outside in the sun for the best results, though partial or indoor sunlight could also work — check the built-in meter to make sure your device is getting enough power.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

April 21, 201500:44

The basic two-panel version, currently going for $69, is enough to charge a phone or other small device, but tablets and cameras might need a third or fourth panel to increase the wattage. These can be bought separately and snapped on magnetically.

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Yolk, the company behind Solar Paper, was asking for $50,000 to finalize the product. It has already received over $200,000 from backers, so there's no risk the product won't be funded. Assuming all goes will in the manufacturing stage, the first chargers should ship in September.