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Google Street View Straps Camera on Camel to Explore Liwa Desert

Google strapped a Trekker camera on the back of a camel to explore the Liwa Desert near Abu Dhabi.
Camel Google Street View

There are places the goofy-looking Google Street View cars can't go — like through 62 miles of sand in the Liwa Desert, south of Abu Dhabi. So Google decided to employ one of its hairiest employees ever by strapping a giant, 360-degree Trekker camera onto the back of a camel. Would-be travelers can now explore the epic sand dunes — which can reach as high as 131 feet — by simply clicking around with their mouse. The Liwa Desert has been occupied since the Late Stone Age. Historically, it has been a trade center and home to date farms, although now it's probably more popular as a vacation spot filled with posh desert resorts. A quick tour via Google Street View confirms, however, that there is still plenty of sand there. So, so much sand.



— Keith Wagstaff