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By Devin Coldewey

Want to see some excited rocket scientists? This video has about as many as you're likely to see in one place any time soon.

SpaceX's Falcon 9 launch on Dec. 21 made history when the first stage rocket used to deliver its payload to space returned to Earth for a smooth, on-target landing. The whole event was streamed live to many excited watchers, but this new video from the commercial space company shows the launch and landing in greater detail than before. Plus, you get to see the faces of the team as one their most important projects to date descends from the sky.

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If you're wondering just how it was accomplished, or how many pounds of force the rocket puts out, or what it dropped off in space, you'll need to watch the original broadcast, but for the purposes of reveling in the accomplishment, this video will certainly do.

What's next for SpaceX? On Sunday, the company plans to perform another launch and autonomous landing, this time on a remotely controlled drone ship out at sea — which if successful would be another aerospace first.