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Walk Inside Seinfeld's Apartment, Courtesy of Oculus Rift

<p>A graphic designer gets an Oculus Rift and, yada, yada, yada, here is a virtual model of the apartment from "Seinfeld."</p>
Virtual model of Seinfeld apartment
Greg Miller

Watching re-runs of "Seinfeld" not enough for you? Then take a digital trip into Jerry’s apartment with Oculus Rift.

The virtual reality headset isn’t on sale to the general public yet. But that hasn't stopped people from using it to explore everything from "The Wall" in "Game of Thrones" to — surprise, surprise — immersive pornography.

Now, graphic artist Greg Miller has used it to create a three-dimensional replica of the “Seinfeld” apartment, right down to the Superman statue and bicycle hanging in the hallway.

Miller, like Jerry and Elaine chasing down a babka, remained resolute in the face adversity, screen-capping episode after episode until he got it just right. The biggest problem: The apartment was actually a set in Hollywood, meaning it wasn't exactly meant to be recreated.

"Unfortunately, due to the dimensions of the apartment it seems like it would be impossible to actually fit the bedroom the way the show depicts it," Miler wrote. "It came out cramped, but I'm happy with it."

It’s free to download, so anybody with an Oculus Rift can explore Jerry’s apartment, preferably while wearing a "bro" or urban sombrero.