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Forget your files at home? Google has come up with nifty solution to that problem with the Chrome Remote Desktop app.

It gives you remote access to your laptop or desktop through your Android phone or tablet. There is currently no iOS version of the app, but the Android version can be used to access files from a Mac or PC.


Of course, if you are a religious Dropbox or Google Drive user, you probably don’t need this. But a lot of people don’t fall into that category. If that includes you, downloading the Chrome extension and the the Android app from the Google Play store will let you access everything stored on your computer from your phone, as well as from any Chrome browser.

This can be especially useful if you share a computer with somebody else, say a spouse or parents, and want them to be able to peruse important financial documents or vacation photos at their leisure.

Remote access has other benefits too. Have you ever tried explaining how to change a computer's settings to somebody who has no idea how to use a computer? Now you can skip the awkward phone conversation and just do it yourself.