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Facebook 'Moments' App Organizes and Shares Photos With Your Friends

Facebook aims to fix photos scattered among friends with Moments, a new app that synchronizes your photos with your friends' in a shared album.

Collecting all the photos from a barbecue or night out can be a pain — tracking down your friends, making sure they upload them to the correct album on the right service, and so on. Facebook aims to fix that with Moments, a new app introduced Monday that synchronizes your photos with your friends' in a shared album. It works by checking the faces in your photos as you take them, and suggesting combining your shots with those of anyone present. If they've got Moments installed, it'll be telling them the same thing.

"This is a simple example of AI at work," wrote CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a separate post about the app. "By building a system that learned to recognize people and objects in images, we could enable this new service."


After the event is done, the app makes sure everyone has all the pictures everyone else took. You can browse through event galleries later, or just look for photos that contain you or someone else in particular. And naturally, once they're all collected together, you can start posting them to Facebook and Instagram.

Moments is free on iOS and Android, though you'll need to link it to your Facebook account if you want it to automatically identify your friends.