Apple Slams Trump’s Decision to Pull Out of Climate Deal

After President Donald Trump said Thursday that the United States will withdraw from the landmark Paris climate agreement, Apple CEO Tim Cook expressed his disappointment with the decision.

In an email to employees, obtained by CNBC, Cook said he had tried to push Trump prior to the decision to keep the U.S. in the agreement.

Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks during a product launch event on October 27, 2016, in Cupertino, California. Stephen Lam | Getty Images

"I spoke with President Trump on Tuesday and tried to persuade him to keep the U.S. in the agreement. But it wasn't enough," Cook wrote.

He added in the email that climate change was real and that everyone had a shared responsibility to fight it. He assured employees that Thursday's decision will not affect Apple's commitments to protect the environment.

"We power nearly all of our operations with renewable energy, which we believe is an example of something that's good for our planet and makes good business sense as well."

Cook also called the White House decision "wrong for our planet" in a post on Twitter.

Cook is not the only business leader to have expressed disappointment or disagree with Trump's decision. Earlier, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said he will leave his positions on three presidential councils.

Disney CEO Robert Iger also said he quit the White House's business advisory council over the decision. Goldman Sachs CEO, Lloyd Blankfein, also criticized the decision on Twitter.

After pulling the U.S. out from the climate agreement, Trump said he would start talks to re-enter the accord with what he called a more "fair" deal, but the president was immediately rebuked by several European governments.