Meet the $999 Phone That Lets You Transfer Files in 5G

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By Arjun Kharpal, CNBC

We've just about got 4G Internet on our handsets, but one company has made a cover for your smartphone that will allow you to transfer files such as videos and pictures to your friends at 5G speeds.

San Francisco-based Turing Robotic Industries has created a case called the Turing Armor for its $999 Dark Wyvern smartphone. The company began taking pre-orders on Thursday.

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Turing Robotic Industries claims that the case, which costs $179 on its own, will let you transfer 3.2 gigabytes of data in under 25 seconds, which is roughly around the size of a two-hour high-definition film.

The solution is based on a technology called WiGig -– a WiFi-like service that allows the near-field transportation of data. This means that a user wishing to receive files would also need to have the Turing Armor case in order to receive files at 5G speeds. And they would have to be close to the person sending the files. The transfer of files does not eat into your monthly data usage that you get with a phone contract as it works on this separate WiGig technology.

SYL Chao, the CEO of Turing Robotics Industries told CNBC the company had been working on a chip that would enable data transfer at 5G speeds and only recently had a "major breakthrough" that has allowed it to be commercialized. That is why it has not been built into the Dark Wyvern smartphone.

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