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By Marcia Breen

Did you struggle to get out of bed this morning? Did you hit the snooze button more times than you care to admit? We don’t blame you. After all, it’s Monday and alarm clocks make it way too easy for us to snooze another nine minutes.

The Ruggie: The floor mat alarm clock that forces you out of bed

But there’s a new alarm clock on the scene that promises to get your out of bed… or it won’t shut up. Meet the Ruggie — quite possibly the world’s most annoying rug. Part alarm clock, part mat — the Ruggie is a soft, memory foam ‘smart rug’ that has built-in speakers and a sensor that only shuts off once you stand on it for three seconds.

Not only will it force you to get out of bed and on your feet, it will also makes “funny sounds” and deliver motivational quotes to help you kick start your day.

An LED display shows the time when you step on it and also acts as a night light, shutting off after 20 seconds.

Winson Tam, the creator of the Ruggie, said he came up with the idea after finding he was struggling to get up in the morning.

The Ruggie launched on Kickstarter on January 3rd of this year and hit its goal of $36,113 within a week. The company has now raised $74,735.