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Would you pay $6 a month for Verizon's mobile games?

Verizon Wireless

Verizon Friday launched the all-in-one gaming app GameTanium for Android that offers unlimited play of about a 100 casual games for $6 a month. Compatible devices include phones running Android 2.2 or later.  

The most popular games such as "Fruit Ninja" and "Doodle God" are available as free apps in Google Play, so why pay $6 a month?

Verizon is betting that people — especially customers who thrive on novelty — will pay for the convenience of a single app that houses many games and helps players discover new ones through editor picks and most popular game listings.

Further, GameTanium offers only ad-free versions that run as much as $3 when purchased separately in Google Play.  However, you could save a $1 each month by going to Exent's GameTanium website and subscribing there. Plus, you'd get a seven-day free trial versus Verizon's three-day offer. 

Exent's version won't run on Android tablets, however. Currently, GameTanium is available on Motorola's Xyboard tablets, a Verizon spokeswoman said. (GameTanium won't work with AT&T phones because the ability to buy "outside" market apps has been disabled, according to Exent.) 

Don't worry too much about eating up your data allotment. The games within the app can be downloaded via Wi-Fi and played without an Internet connection. Note to iPhone and iPad users: Apple's Game Center comes preinstalled on your device and is very similar to GameTanium, except yours is free.

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