MileyCyrus Tumblr twerks on the hardest-hitting news of the day

This week, as the twerk-tacular Miley Cyrus performance at MTV's Video Music Awards continues to grab headlines and social media attention, perhaps you're wondering whether there are more important things to talk about than the not-so-subtle motions of a pop starlet's behind. 

If so, a new Tumblr has a great workaround that should make everybody happy. "Miley Twerking On Things We Should Talk About" puts the scantily-clad singer in front of pressing geopolitical issues like photographs of protesters in Egypt and a New York Times story about Pfc. Chelsea Manning's sentencing.

Call this cynical, but this Tumblr has a point. For better or worse, a twerking Miley Cyrus is getting more than her fair share of attention, at least compared to more serious news stories. We may scoff at Cyrus dancing with her age-inappropriate parter, Robin Thicke, but as AllThingsD points out, we still watched her do it some 10 million times

"Miley Twerking On Things We Should Talk About" is less a reiteration of memes like Kanye West's "Imma Let You Finish" or "McKayla Maroney Is Not Impressed" and more a brilliant new media strategy. After all, "Imma Let You Finish" and "McKayla Maroney Is Not Impressed" were both turned into Google Chrome extensions which users could add to any Webpage. Perhaps a new sharing feature is in order, something next to "Tweet this" which allows readers to "Twerk this?" 

We twerk, you decide. 

Yannick LeJacq is a contributing writer for NBC News who has also covered technology and games for Kill Screen, The Wall Street Journal and The Atlantic. You can follow him on Twitter at @YannickLeJacq and reach him by email at: