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updated 9/28/2006 1:59:04 PM ET 2006-09-28T17:59:04

Olympus Fashion Week kicks off at Bryant Park in New York City this Friday.

We at MSNBC’s “The Most” might not know a Louboutin from a Thom McCann, but we sure love "Project Runway," so Fashion Week was a great excuse to talk to the super fantastic and adorable Tim Gunn.

He’s the den father on "Runway" and has made “Make it Work” the “One Day at a Time” of the reality show generation. Tim is also the chair of the fashion department at Parsons School of Design.

‘The Most’: What will we see at this these shows that the average person can take away?

Gunn: There’s really something for everyone. If you like your flared skirt and it’s you, don’t discard it. I like to tell people to be positive about fashion and if you like it, you’ll feel good about wearing it and it’ll show.

‘The Most’: What trends surprised you the most?

Gunn: Black is the new black for spring, we’ll see how it’ll be pulled off. It’s a staple for winter. I’m sure it’ll be accented with lots of color.

New York has always been the leader in fashion, even in the international world. Things have changed. Europe never really paid attention in the past to what NYC fashion was doing. They did their own thing. Now they are making adjustments to their pieces based on what they see from New York.

‘The Most’: You are suddenly a fashion icon, yourself. How are you dealing with the fame?

Gunn: You’re too kind. NBC has been very nice to me and allowed me to be part of the Emmy coverage and it was lots of fun. I pretty much stay true to myself and try to find the good in people and not be snarky. I’m the more serious guy, I guess.

‘The Most’: Let’s dish. Who gets it right when it comes to red carpet looks?

Gunn: Angie Jolie. Day in and day out, whether she’s sporty or evening wear, she always gets it right. She understands the event and dresses accordingly.Kate Hudson is another person who knows how to read the event. She’s a little more edgy and daring with her fashion. She takes risks but she is always right-on.

‘The Most’: You are being way too nice. Who’s a train wreck?

Gunn: Courtney Love and Kelly Osborne. Generally the music industry is a little out there, but, clearly, these ladies dress like they are on a float in a parade. They push the limits a little too far and it’s unappealing, even in the ‘edgy’ world. They don’t get it.

‘The Most’: The winner of season one, Jay McCarroll, is showing his new duds at this fashion week. Will he be well received?

Gunn: Jay is an outstanding designer and will do very well. I have no idea what he’s showing. It’ll be a surprised to me, and I can’t wait. What I do know is he’ll be showing both men and women’s designs.

‘The Most’: Thank God Vincent’s gone. That was SO totally overdo, Tim. Who gets the ax next? Spill the beans.

Gunn: What I can tell you is you’ll see very different points of view from each designer this next episode. It’ll be very interesting.


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