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    >> weeks after starting plavix.

    >>> new poll numbers prove what many politicians already know. incumbents facing a tougher battle to keep their job in any time since 1994 . right now fewer than a third of all voters said they would reelect their congress member in the november mid-term e leches. here with all the numbers, chris cilizza, the new managing editor of and author of the fix blog. let's talk about the poll. this anti-incumbent fever is now quantified. in this poll only 32% say they'll re-elect their representative. 57% want to look for someone new. how is that playing out in the field?

    >> i think that is fascinating. now, i think democrats are likely to use these numbers and say, whoa, look, anti-incumbent, not anti-democratic. i think that is generally true. people are sick of washington . they think washington is broken. in many ways it's the sentiment that elected barack obama . that said, remember, democrats have significant majorities in the senate and the house. if it is just an anti-incumbent year, they're likely to be hurt more by it because frankly they have more incumbents.

    >> one of the numbers that's actually quite positive for the president who is an incumbent is that voters trust president obama more than they trust republicans in congress . by a very large margin to deal with financial regulatory reform . also with the economy, with health care , with the deficit. we talked about whom do you trust. obama versus the republicans in congress . you see uniformly the president winning.

    >> i think that's why, andrea, tim kaine , the democratic national committee chairman , is rolling out sort of the 2010 electoral plan for democrats . the president appeared in a web video earlier this week. one of the things that they want to do, one of the big emphasises, turn this into a choice election. don't let republicans make it simply a referendum on health care and the economy. here's what president obama has done. not all popular. here's what he's done. here's what republicans would do. they think they win that looking at numbers like this where it does show on most major issues of the day, the president doesn't have 80% approval, but he is more trusted to guide the country in the right way than our republicans . that's why democrats really want this to be a choice , not a referendum election.

    >> one of the other interesting indicators in this poll is that the president has -- is at least winning this debate that he inherited the economy. and the deficit and all these other problems. who's more responsible for current -- the current state of the economy, president bush , 59%. president obama , 25%.

    >> it's stunning. i mean, president obama , you know, we're almost halfway through his term here. and you have 6 in 10 americans saying the problems that we have our george bush 's fault, not barack obama 's fault. that has to, i think, make democrats feel better about things. certainly make the white house feel better about things. but, andrea, the white house knows this has to do with congressional democrats . at some point, whether it's 2010 , 2011 , people are going to say that's barack obama 's economy. when that happens they have to hope the trend line is starting to move upward again.

    >> and let's talk about your new -- your new gig. it's an expansion of what you've been doing. a great promotion for you. tell us what the " washington post " is up to.

    >> we are -- essentially we have launched this is going to be a home page for sort of the political nerds, political junkies out there who want to get their fix, no pun intended, of politics. we've got tons of great content. this is a way to feature that content better. we've got a great, i think one of the best sort of 2010 maps out there. you can see not just districts and states that are competitive, but you can see the money these people have raised, historic voter trends. for me it's a neat opportunity. i'm going to still continue to be writing because that's what i love. but this gives me a chance to have another foot in a different platform. what we're really excited about, we think it's great. we've got it up there and ready to go. so it's sort of one stop shopping for what you need to know about the mid-terms.

    >> and you are the managing editor of it all. we hope you continue to be a frequent guest.

    >> as long as you'll have me, i will be here.

    >> every day. we love you.

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