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Video: Obama locks on to next target: START ratification

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    >>> behind them and christmas less than a week away, this outgoing congress is certainly not acting like a lame duck. as we come on the air, the senate is still at work in a rare sunday session having handed the president two important votes in the last week on taxes and gays in the military , they now seem poised to possibly grant one more big item on barack obama 's wish list, ratification of the nuclear arms treaty with the russians. this sudden flurry of bipartisan good cheer has caused the president to delay his christmas trip to hawaii as he remains in washington hoping to end the year on a political high note . mike, good evening.

    >> reporter: good evening. after the two big victories on domestic issues he's pushing for a one on one more thing in congress on what he calls a priority. today on "meet the press" confidence from the vice president that s.t.a.r.t. will ab proved by christmas .

    >> do you have the votes to get that ratified?

    >> i believe we do.

    >> reporter: others are not as sure. this morning the top republican announced he's a no.

    >> i decided i cannot support the treaty.

    >> reporter: the agreement signed by president obama and russian leader medvedev in april would allow monitors from each nation to inspect the other's nuclear sites and reduce strategic nuclear warheads on both sides from 2200 to 1550 . opponents virtually all republican argue with the reduction a nato missile defense system in europe must go forward, and say the treaty could weaken that effort.

    >> if either party pushes the button at 6,000 or at 1,550 the world is over as we know it.

    >> reporter: mr. obama pledged as long as i'm president the united states will deploy effective missile defenses to protect the united states . ratification of the treaty, though not yet certain, would cap an extraordinary stretch for mr. obama and the lame duck congress. friday the president signed a tax cut package negotiated with republicans.

    >> house resolution 2965 is adopted. yesterd

    >> reporter: yesterday the gridlock was broken on don't ask don't tell.

    >> i'm proud we stood up and said we'll join you. this smub bipartisan. it is beyond a question of fairness. these are men and women willing to risk their lives in defense of their country.

    >> reporter: lester, with two-thirds of the snats needed to ratify the s.t.a.r.t. treaty or any treaty the outcome of the vote is still very much in doubt. whatever the case, aides say the president will stay on here in washington until the outcome is known, even though his family has gone on ahead as scheduled for that hawaiian holiday. lester.


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