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Video: Obamas shine in UK despite royal faux pas

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    >> president obama and the first lady woke up this morning in buckingham palace . they spent the night there after attending a star-studded dinner in their honor hosted by the queen. michelle kosinski is at the palace this morning. good morning to you, michelle.

    >> reporter: hi, meredith. the white house has come to buck house , as they call it here. this is the second state visit by a president that the queen has hosted and it's generated a lot of press. things like dinner mishaps, ping-pong and the fashion statements.

    >> reporter: not always easy being a visitor in the realm of ancient protocol. president obama tries to toast the queen at a star-studded white tie state dinner at the palace.

    >> to her majesty, the queen.

    >> reporter: but she doesn't touch her glass. and they play the music over him.

    >> reporter: he gets it. and waits.

    >> to the queen.

    >> reporter: a long day for the president and first lady starting with nice handshakeses this time. none of the controversial semi-hug that dogged michelle obama in 2009 . but this time the british press didn't like her outfit calling it clashing, prom style, even a faux pas saying she must have tried to dress to please the queen who kind of matched. and that brutal british wind was kind to no one.

    >> the prince of wales had a bad hair day .

    >> reporter: but then william and kate appeared fresh from their honeymoon looking tanned, relaxed and not an ounce heavier. kate's dress also talked about, not only being from a regular store but a tad fitted and above the knee.

    >> she's making her own choices, her own style. this possibly was the wrong sort of dress to wear, but she wore it well.

    >> reporter: though the obamas were not at the royal wedding they get to stay in the suite where the couple spent their wedding night . different bed, say it s the palace. the message wrote a touching message but accidentally dated it 2008 . they dropped in on the prime minister, a trip to a school and table tennis.

    >> oh!

    >> reporter: two world leaders s quickly wiped out by teenagers. ending with a glittering night. for michelle, a second chance to shine. another hard-won american victory. today it's serious. president obama will address parliament and will meet with david cameron on libya and afghanistan. meredith?


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