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    >>> a south carolina inmate is seeking a dna to determine if he was the father of her 2-year-old daughter. christopher umberger filed that petition in orlando against casey anthony . she was acquitted earlier this month of killing her daughter, caylee. umberger says he intends to sue anthony for caylee's death. he doesn't provide any details to back up his claims of being the dad. casey is appealing her convictions. i asked the attorney why casey 's appeal something.

    >> i think it's more of a paper matter versus anything else. the time's going to be served anyway. either it be reduced off her sentence meaning that she would go through life with one charge versus four. i don't think there would be any other reason to do it.

    >> do you think that it would in any way affect the equusearch case?

    >> no. i don't think it has anything to do with the other. they're saying she lied to them and that's the basis of their case. i haven't seen any civil case filed yet. that's my understanding is the basis for the case is -- it would be a wholly different case.

    >> we learned this week that prosecutors will not charge cindy anthony your client with perjury that she's the one who did the searches for chloroform. her co-workers testified that cindy didn't go home early enough to conduct those searches. i'm sure it's a relief she's not going to face charges. what's her explanation now for the discrepancy?

    >> if you go back to the trial and you look at the specific date that cindy testified to those things, she never testified that it was 3:17 or 3:21 that she did those searches. it was the state that suggested that she did them on those days and cindy agreeing. all cindy has testified in 2009 and in the trial was that she did those searches. she was never sure as to what date. she just knows sometime in spring of 2008 .

    >> through this whole process her parents have really stood by her. her mom has been a strong supporter. but casey 's lawyers have actually accused her dad of molesting casey so it's been a rocky road . what's the relationship like now for casey and her parents?

    >> again, i can't discuss what my clients want to say about that. i can say that we never heard from casey . this was all mr. baez' opening statement about the molestation. and certainly there was no evidence ever produced about that. until we hear from casey we don't know if it was a defense strategy to give a responsible alternative to things or casey suggesting these things. but certainly we haven't heard from casey as to what she has to say about those things.

    >> as george and cindy 's lawyer will you be expecting casey to make a public statement and say one way or the other what happened with her dad?

    >> i don't think so. who knows? this case has thrown so many twists and turns. i have a sore neck from trying to catch up. but i can tell you that if anything is said from her, everybody's going to be listening and depending on what she says, everybody's going to wonder if it's the actual truth or not.

    >> right. mark, thank you so much for your time today. i appreciate it.

    >> thanks very much. staff and news service reports
updated 7/15/2011 2:32:46 PM ET 2011-07-15T18:32:46

A hearing in the defamation lawsuit against Casey Anthony ended Friday after the judge stepped aside from the case.

No explanation was given for Circuit Judge Jose Rodriguez’s decision to remove himself from the case. That decision was announced after attorneys for both sides took part in a 20-minute sidebar, which constituted the entire hearing.

The Florida woman, who was acquitted earlier this month of killing her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, did not appear at the hearing into whether she should be deposed in the case before her release from jail.

Zenaida Gonzalez has sued Anthony for defamation, saying her reputation was maligned when Anthony claimed a babysitter named Zenaida Gonzalez kidnapped her daughter in the summer of 2008. The claim later was shown to be a lie.

It remains unclear whether Anthony will have to submit to a formal interview by Gonzalez’s lawyers before her release from jail on Sunday.

Gonzalez's attorneys argue that they may not get a chance to depose Anthony once she's released.

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A deposition in the civil case is scheduled for July 19 in Orlando.

'Emotionally and mentally exhausted'
NBC affiliate WESH reported that Anthony's attorney, Charles Green, said Anthony's safety could be put at risk if she had to appear next week. According to the report, Greene said Anthony would have no choice but to assert her Fifth Amendment rights.

Story: Casey Anthony admirers send her cash in jail

Green said Anthony was "emotionally and mentally exhausted" from the murder trial.

Orlando criminal defense attorney Richard Hornsby, who provides legal analysis for WESH 2 News, told the station that Anthony does have the right to stay silent.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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