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updated 6/27/2013 11:47:42 AM ET 2013-06-27T15:47:42

So much for a slow summer news week

Good morning! How many of you went out to celebrate last night? Well let’s hope you didn’t have too much fun, there is a lot to cover today.

How about that Joy Reid? Alex (somewhat conveniently?) takes off on this, perhaps the busiest week of the year, and Joy has held it down. Show her some love @thereidreport. Joining her on the panel today will be:

Richard Wolffe, Executive Editor, Political Analyst (@richardwolffedc)

Jonathan Alter, MSNBC Political Analyst and Author of The Center Holds: Obama and His Enemies and The Promise/Bloomberg ‘View” Columnist (@jonathanalter)

Michelle Goldberg, Senior Contributing Writer, The Daily Beast (@michelleinbklyn)

David Corn, Washington Bureau Chief, Mother Jones/ MSNBC Political Analyst (@davidcorndc)

First on the agenda, yesterday saw a dramatic day of testimony in the Zimmerman trial as 19 year old Rachel Jeantel took the stand. Jeantel had spoken with Trayvon Martin moments before he was fatally shot, and recounted Martin’s account of a “creepy” man was “following” him. How will the perceived tension between the young witness and the prosecution play with the jury? Lisa Bloom, Seema Iyer  (@seemaiyeresq) and the AP’s Kyle Hightower (@khightower) will have all the latest.

After a dramatic 11 hour filibuster that promptly propelled Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis into the national spotlight, speculation has predictably turned to the possibility of a gubernatorial run. Polls have shown incumbent Gov. Rick Perry to be vulnerable, could this red state be turning blue? Or at least some sort of purplish hue? Fuchsia?

Next, Sen. Robert Menendez will discuss the state of the immigration reform bill. What chance does it stand of making it through the House, and what are the implications of yesterday’s DOMA decision for its future?

And finally, While President Obama’s agenda scored some important victories with yesterday’s SCOTUS decisions, He still has a long way to go with his second term. Jonathan Alter will be here to discuss his latest book, The Center Holds: Obama and his Enemies. He’ll discuss Obama’s chances of getting any legislation through in this toxic political atmosphere, and the Supreme Court’s evisceration of the Voting Rights Act.


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